Upper Airway Stimulation

Function of upper airway stimulation

In upper airway stimulation the hypoglossal nerve is selective stimulated during sleep, so that the tongue is protruded to keep the upper airway open. As a result, the tongue does not relax during sleep and does not close the airway. The air can flow freely into the lungs and respiratory misfires are minimized.

Who is suitable for upper airway stimulation?

Especially those patients, who can not tolerate CPAP therapy, can benefit from the positive effects of upper airway stimulation. For patients who are severely overweight or who suffer from other sleep disorders such as narcolepsy, their suitability should be examined on a case-by-case basis. At the end of the day, a sleep physician decides which method of treatment is the best for the patient.

Special Center for Upper Airway Stimulation

The sleep laboratory of the ENT Clinic of the Klinikum rechts der Isar is one of the leading specialist centers worldwide offering this therapy. Thanks to its long experience with upper airway stimulation, the clinic is one of the few international training and research centers for the stimulation of the upper airway. If you suffer from OSA and can not tolerate the CPAP mask therapy, get an appointment and check if this is a possible treatment for you.


We are happy to find out in a personal interview with you, if you are suitable for this innovative therapy. Just make an appointment in our sleep consultation hour. The team of the sleep laboratory is looking forward to your visit.

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Patient Booklet Upper Airway Stimulation
This booklet provides an information folder for patients with obstructive sleep apnea who are interested in upper airway stimulation.
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